Random Musing No. 1

August 4, 2018

The human eye has a range of 120°, mostly peripheral vision, compared to the camera’s typical 200° or more. That is why the figures sometimes seem distorted at the edges of a photograph. We make up for this seeming deficit by moving our focus (in movements called “saccades”) around a scene to build up a gestalt awareness of its appearance.
A painting, curated by human intelligence, is superior in every respect to a photograph, except for how long it takes to make it. If cameras took three hours to create the exact same image as they do now in a split second, there would be no question as to which medium people would choose when they needed an image recorded.

Camel Skull

September 24, 2017

24″ x 36″ oil painting. I took photos of it as the painting progressed.



This was my annual birthday present to myself. Interestingly, the lower jaw was broken when I received the piece, so I took pictures and wrote the following email to the supplier:


I received my skull and while I am overall very pleased with it, I was disappointed to discover that the lower jaw was broken in transit (see attached photos). I repaired it with Crazy Glue, but you should be aware that there was a problem with packing/shipping. If you want to make it up to me, a free ostrich egg would assuage my feelings.


Marc Clamage

The seller wrote back,

What kind of ostrich egg are you referring to?

I answered,

Oh, you know, one of your 5-6 inch $15 ostrich eggs–can I guilt you into sending me one?

Two days later a package came in the mail. Result:


I should have asked for a stand.