More Art, 2016

September 10, 2016

Dandelions; in watercolors and in oils.

Nemoset River; Purgatory Chasm 2016; Watson Pond; Nickerson Woods.

Housatonic River; Nemasket Street Bridge; Long Island as Seen From Spectacle Island; Leach Pond; Loosestrife (given to Gerry Puleo)

Tomorrow: nudes!



Well, it’s September now. Better start in on the backlog.

Here are the rest of the skull watercolors I’ve done to date, in the order done. Got busy with other stuff, but that will be the next post.

Deer and Ostrich. The ostrich is a little weak.

Pig, Seymour (Bones), and Three Views of a Human Skull:

The pig painting was thoughtfully ruined by my cat.


Squirrel and Cheetah:

I wasn’t really happy with these last few, so I took a little break from the watercolors for a few weeks. And then my birthday came.

The thing about birthdays is, if you want something for your birthday, you should get it for yourself. I happen to collect skulls and so every year I treat myself by buying one skull.

Oops. Got a little carried away this year.

For starters, I knew I wanted a monkey. I also knew I didn’t want to spend more than $150. I posted on a bunch of Facebook groups where people buy and sell skulls, but no response. I started looking around for alternatives.

I found an interesting skull, a good addition to my collection, on a wholesale skull-and-shell site. And it was only $45 too! Bonus! I went to check out… and found that I had to buy a minimum of $100 worth of stuff (wholesale, remember?). No problem, $100 was less than I was planning on spending anyway, so I ended up getting this:


Clockwise from the left, a gar, a bat skeleton, a hyrax (the original impetus for my purchase), two chicken skulls and two turtle (“cooter”) skulls (these last were minimum purchases). Cost me about $115 plus tax. I gave a friend the surplus skulls, then painted these:

Hyrax, Gar with Tape Dispenser, Cooter, and Two Views of a Chicken Skull:

The hyrax looks like a rodent but is actually more closely related to the elephant and the manatee.

And then… someone contacted me with a monkey skull for sale. It was half price, $75… I just couldn’t resist…

Vervet Monkey