Recent Art May 2014

May 14, 2014

Here are a couple of recent little paintings. First a little hommage to Spring, painted from almost directly above:




I was just glad to be outside and painting.

I had a lovely time in Connecticut visiting with family and stopped off on the way back to do a painting. For the last 25 years I’ve been driving through New London on my way elsewhere; this time I decided to stop and visit the Groton submarine base. The museum is free and is your kids’ big opportunity to aim an anti-aircraft gun. I ended up having to get permission from the senior officer there. I suspect there were a number of bemused sailors in Groton that day.


I would have been happy to just paint the scenery but the commander insisted on putting me at the far end of the dock. I was much closer than this painting would indicate. I was actually turning around and looking behind me to see the bow of the submarine. That’s something you can’t do with  camera! Beat that, Louis Dauguerre!

I ran into Keith the other day. I had painted Keith in 2011 and hadn’t seen much of him since. He told me he’d been in the hospital for most of the winter and it sounds like his health was failing him. As one of my original models, I gave him $10 in keeping with my policy of redistributing my wealth; it made him very happy. We chatted for a while and and Ronald showed up (see 9/22/12 post below). Ronald complained about being harassed by the Cambridge cops. He seemed a lot more anxious than he had been when I painted him. Before he had it all figured out, but now he wasn’t sure. I left to visit a gallery and on my way back through the Square ran into Keith again. He was with his son Neil, to whom I was duly introduced. “You take care of this guy,” I told him.

Here’s Keith from my web page