January 13, 2019

First painting of 2019.


Last of 2018

January 10, 2019

Stuff from 2018 that didn’t get posted:

Random Musing No. 1

August 4, 2018

The human eye has a range of 120°, mostly peripheral vision, compared to the camera’s typical 200° or more. That is why the figures sometimes seem distorted at the edges of a photograph. We make up for this seeming deficit by moving our focus (in movements called “saccades”) around a scene to build up a gestalt awareness of its appearance.
A painting, curated by human intelligence, is superior in every respect to a photograph, except for how long it takes to make it. If cameras took three hours to create the exact same image as they do now in a split second, there would be no question as to which medium people would choose when they needed an image recorded.

Old Painting

December 18, 2017

Going through my garage looking for Halloween-appropriate art, I came across this rather large (for me) oil on linen.

They are, clockwise, starting from the horse, a horse (maybe a mule–no way to tell without the lower jaw), a gorilla (sadly, plaster, the only fake item in my collection; I woud kill for a real gorilla skull), human (I have the rest of the skeleton in the garage), baboon, cheetah (I’m definitely not supposed to have that; I could tell you how I got it, but then I’d have to kill you), klipspringer (a small antelope), and a daffodil to take the edge off.

Some Watercolors

October 17, 2017

I sold a watercolor of my goat skull, so I did a replacement. The other piece is entitled “Ancestors,” because reasons. That is a vervet monkey and a hyrax skull.

Camel Skull

September 24, 2017

24″ x 36″ oil painting. I took photos of it as the painting progressed.



This was my annual birthday present to myself. Interestingly, the lower jaw was broken when I received the piece, so I took pictures and wrote the following email to the supplier:


I received my skull and while I am overall very pleased with it, I was disappointed to discover that the lower jaw was broken in transit (see attached photos). I repaired it with Crazy Glue, but you should be aware that there was a problem with packing/shipping. If you want to make it up to me, a free ostrich egg would assuage my feelings.


Marc Clamage

The seller wrote back,

What kind of ostrich egg are you referring to?

I answered,

Oh, you know, one of your 5-6 inch $15 ostrich eggs–can I guilt you into sending me one?

Two days later a package came in the mail. Result:


I should have asked for a stand.


September 11, 2017

Stuff I did in March. Well, the nudes aren’t necessarily from March; that’s just when I shot the pictures. I started attending Kate Huntington’s portrait painting session around this time, as you can see, and the watercolors started to peter out.